Call of Duty: Elite

A premium multi-player experience


Call of Duty is one of the largest gaming franchises out there. With the release of Black Ops, Treyarch wanted a unique premium experience for multiplayer.

We needed to create a rich, multifaceted experience for players, where they could track their progress, connect to other players and community, purchase and download digital content, and even edit videos of their plays to do some online bragging.

Client: Activision/Treyarch

Roles: Art Direction, UX Design, Visual Design, Illustration


I came into the middle of this project as a Senior Art Director and Designer. Design work was split with two other Art Directors, so keeping visual consistency was going to be key. Working closely with the UX Designers, I helped to create some of the various interface screens in the experience.



Along with touching many of the interface screens, one of my biggest contributions was creating these small data visualizations, which would populate the main player dashboard and provide player stats and feedback.

Logo exploration

The original codename for this project was Alpha. I had an opportunity to create some logo concepts before the name was switched over to Elite.



I also designed several of the wallpapers you could grab to customize your experience.



At the height of its popularity, the service had 10 million users, with 2 million as premium paying members.

Selected Works